12 July 2009

Who is upside-down??

Hi guys,

Sorry it's been so long since I've written! But I bet most of you are taking it easy in the southern summer, right? Well, I'm in the REAL South(ern Hemisphere) and it's anything but summery. The days are short and cold. And I've got homework. Homework? In July??

Speaking of the Southern Hemisphere, have any of you seen the upside down world map? After your eyes begin to adjust to the differences, you realize that your head is upside down! :)

But seriously, what do you notice about the upside-down-map? Which countries look bigger than normal? Which countries look smaller than normal? Which countries do you see on the map that you had never heard of before? What do you think would change about the way the world works if all of our maps looked like this? Why aren't all of our maps drawn this way? I'd really love to hear what you guys think about these questions and about the upside down world map.

My head is still upside down... :)

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JLM said...

Ms. Coffman, I'm glad to see you are well. mabraj@uchicago.edu