03 November 2008

Ask Sarah v 3.0

Question 4
Greetings Sarah! Congratulations to you as you enjoy your time as a Rotary Scholar in New Zealand . I have been a Rotarian for 25 years, and this past spring helped to host a Rotary Group Exchange Team from Nigeria as they visited throughout western North Carolina . I know you are having a wonderful time.

This past spring, while I was in Washington at a conference, I had the opportunity to visit the New Zealand Embassy. They were most gracious, and the food was outstanding! Finally, I have been a avid fly fisher for over 20 years, and I know that some of the best fly-fishing in the world is in New Zealand. Perhaps you will want to try some fly-fishing before your leave! I hope I have to chance to visit New Zealand some day.


Amazinglingly Insightful Answer 4:
Hi Duane, it's great to hear from a fellow Rotarian. I have heard the same thing about fly fishing here...unfortunately it's not something I've done here (or anywhere, really), but I have done some fishing out in the Pacific. I was lucky enough to take a trip out on a catamaran, and really all we had to do was drop the line in the water, wait two seconds, and reel in the catch. Now that's my kind of fishing! Plus I won the prize for biggest catch.

And as far as the NZ embassy in DC goes, I too had a good experience with them...to make a long story short I managed to lose my passport and visa the week before I was due to depart for NZ, and got to spend the day before my flight in the waiting room of the embassy while they processed a rush visa for me. They were incredibly kind to do so, and the moral of that story is ALWAYS know where your documentation is. Hopefully you will get to take a trip out here someday...If it's in the next year look me up, as I liked it so much I've decided to stick around for quite sometime. Thanks for reading!

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