07 June 2008

A wintry June

Ooooh the weather outside is frightfulllll! It is now June, and instead of buying bikinis, bumming around on the beach, and firing up the barbeque, I'm sitting inside wrapped in a fleece jacket and slipper socks, looking at the light smattering of snow dusting the Dunedin hills. And it's definitely throwing off my internal clock--my poor northern hemisphere brain can't tell what season it's supposed to be. If you want to really confuse yourself, just think that for the Kiwis, Christmas isn't a time of snowflakes and sleigh bells; it's sunshine, summer vacation, and plenty of surfing. Weird huh?

Anyways, enough about the weather. As far as my life goes, I managed to survive my first semester at Uni, and now have a pretty sizeable vacation before the start of the second round of classes. Lucky me only had one final, and it was on the second day of the two-week period allocated for exams. So I got to be done quite early, and make all my friends jealous. The exam was definitely tough and required a completely different kind of cramming from what I was used to, as it was my exercise science class as oppsed to the English/writing/advertising oriented tests I slogged through for four years. But I survived nonetheless, and should come out alright. Now the problem is figuring out what to do with myself in the meantime. Unfortunately my travel options are pretty limited as I await my second scholarship payment--too bad but can't be helped. Right now it seems venturing into the world of work is my best bet to fill the time. Hooray for paychecks, boo for work. But oh well. At the very least, I've now got the time to catch up on all my blog posts. So be on the lookout for a big heap of them the next couple of weeks. At the moment though, I'm going to call it quits and say adieu, as I have to get in an eight-mile training run while the sun is still shining. I don't think I mentioned that I decided to participate in a marathon around the Otago penninsula in September...it'll be my second after doing the Marine Corps Marathon in DC last October. Super excited, and ready to wrack up the miles. Take care everyone, and check back soon!

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